Monday, January 31, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I know, I know, I take long absences from blogging. It is only because I get up in my own little world having a good time. Recently, we've been snowed in, driving on ice, working, driving in snow, doing the dishes every night, and celebrating Jordan's good news. (I'll give you a hint, he is going to make me call him "doctor" from now on).

It's been rather lovely around here because I've discovered that I really like the winter. I was a bit afraid when we moved up here that my glamorized childhood memory of winter would soon be shattered by reality. Luckily for me I live in my own little world, which I already mentioned. The fresh crisp air is so refreshing to walk around in, and as long as its cold it may as well snow! Maybe I won't have this chipper attitude by the time the end of March rolls around and we are still getting it, but in the meantime I am satisfied.

Also, I'm so proud of myself because I set three goals for me to accomplish for two weeks. They are as follows: 1) If not after every meal, do the dishes more often, 2) Make sure we both have lunch for the following day so that we are not tempted to go out to eat, and 3) Do not drink 18 glasses of wine every night. It has been two weeks and I've accomplished all three! With Jordan's help we have been keeping the counter clean, which prompts me to cook more often, which means leftovers for lunch, and some serious self-control with the wine drinking while I am cooking.

There is one wrench in my plan...Tuesday. Tuesday is such an awful day I have a hard time wanting to do anything but complain and go visit Grant, our favorite bartender, and have him give me happy hour appetizers instead of cooking. Tomorrow is Tuesday, so lets see if I can tame the almost-mid-week blues and my severe and all encompassing road rage in order to keep up my good work!

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